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Skaledale, a place somewhere not far from elsewhere! A town or village which is full of life and timeless. Skaledale is always changing just like any other place. There are churches of various denominations, shops, pubs, schools and houses of all shapes and sizes.


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Skaledale Castle Ruins Box Of Wall Joints (2 Pcs.); Skaledale Castle Ruins Box Of Wall Joints (2 Pcs.);
Canal Bridge Ramps; Canal Bridge Ramps;
Road Junction Sections; Road Junction Sections;
Zebra Crossing Pack; Zebra Crossing Pack;
Pavement Right-Angles; Pavement Right-Angles;
Curved Road; Curved Road;
Brick Tunnel Portal Side Walling; Brick Tunnel Portal Side Walling;
Road Roundabout; Road Roundabout;
Platform Ramps; Platform Ramps;
Curved Pavements; Curved Pavements;
Pillar/Post Box; Pillar/Post Box;
Bicycles; Bicycles;
Terraced House - Right Hand; Terraced House - Right Hand;
North Eastern Railway Goods Shed; North Eastern Railway Goods Shed;
Gravestones; Gravestones;
Granite Station Signal Box; Granite Station Signal Box;
Modern Bungalow; Modern Bungalow;
Railway Stores; Railway Stores;
Skaledale Corrugated Iron Workshop; Skaledale Corrugated Iron Workshop;
Platform Subway; Platform Subway;
Granite Station Building; Granite Station Building;
Wayside Halt Building; Wayside Halt Building;
Refuse Skips; Refuse Skips;
Granite Station Goods Shed; Granite Station Goods Shed;
Corrugated Iron Workshop; Corrugated Iron Workshop;
Triple Garage; Triple Garage;
L/H Mid Terraced House; L/H Mid Terraced House;
The Village Pub "The Crown"; The Village Pub "The Crown";
The Country Cottage; The Country Cottage;
Raised Water Tank; Raised Water Tank;

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