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Tyranid Hormagaunt Brood; Tyranid Hormagaunt Brood;
Tyranid Gargoyle Brood; Tyranid Gargoyle Brood;
Trygon/Mawloc; Trygon/Mawloc;
Hive Tyrant; Hive Tyrant;
Venomthropes; Venomthropes;
Tyranid Termagant Brood; Tyranid Termagant Brood;
Tyranid Warriors; Tyranid Warriors;
Start Collecting! Tyranids; Start Collecting! Tyranids;

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Airfix Brookite Kites Corgi Great Gizmos Hantel Hornby Tamiya Wilesco

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Vickers Wellington Mk.IA/C;

RAF Personnel;

Avro VULCAN B.2 Ascension Island 1982

Avro Vulcan B2